Origin of yoga

What Is Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is a systematic approach to detoxifying your mind, body and spirit. It combines strong physical exercise with breathing techniques and mental focus to strengthen your body inside and out.

The origins of yoga

Yoga has ancient roots and can be traced back over 5,000 years ago to the Himalaya region of India. Ancient yogis evolved the wisdom from the deepest states of meditation. Thousands of years later, yogic wisdom and practises were collected and compiled by Patanjali Maharishi in his classic work The Yoga Sutras. The Sage describes Ashtanga Yoga ‘Eight limbs of Yoga’ a systematic approach to realising our true nature.

Our true nature becomes liberated through yogic practises and exercises that break up mental, energetic and physical conditioning. Gradually you evolve awareness through all the levels of your being, gaining mastery along the way. Eventually you come to rest in your true nature, which is beyond all those levels. This action and the realisation of this centre of consciousness is the true meaning of Yoga.

Health benefits of yoga

Yoga promotes physical, mental and emotional health:

Improves muscle tone and burns fat
Energetic movement fires your metabolic rate and burns fat. Postures work and lengthen every muscle giving you a lean, toned body. Intensive core work tightens your abs.

Strengthens the nervous system and reduces stress
Purifies the nerve channels, stimulates the ‘rest, relax and repair’ parasympathetic nervous system and promotes good sleep.

Detoxifies the internal organs and purifies the skin
Postures and twists gently massage your inner organs and replenish them with newly oxygenated blood. Improves circulation throughout your body and brings a healthy glow to your skin reducing the effects of ageing.

Improves respiratory system
Yoga opens up the chest area, facilitates the free flow of air and strengthens the nervous system.


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