Helpful Tips

Do I need a yoga mat?
Yoga mats are provided, but you may wish to bring your own.

What should I wear?
Gym wear or loose, comfortable clothing suitable for exercise and stretching. Yoga classes are done in barefoot, so no special shoes are required.

Are there changing facilities?
There is an area where you can change.

Should I eat before yoga?
Yoga involves twisting and stretching and should not be practised with a full stomach. Try not to eat before class. Depending on digestion, it takes around 3 hours to digest a full meal, and 1 hour to digest a snack.

I have health problems, can I still do yoga?
Many health concerns can be improved through yoga. To determine the best approach, contact Amanda on 0782 333 6311. Check with your GP if you are suitable for exercise.

Do I need to pre-book the classes and courses?
Beginners courses and the Ashtanga Intensive class must be booked in advance by calling Amanda 0782 333 6311. The Ashtanga Led-Primary class is a walk-in class so no need to pre-book.


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