What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term meaning “Knowledge of Longevity”.

Ayurveda originated more than 5,000 years ago in India. This ancient medical system encompasses massage, panchakarma, diet, seasonal living. Ayurveda works on the principle of the elemental energies underpinning our health and genetic makeup.

These five elemental energies are Space, Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Genetically we have a disposition to two or more of these elements. This distinguishes our body type as Vata, Pita, Kapha, dual dosha, or tri-dosha. Imbalances in our lifestyle, environment, diet and thinking, disrupt our natural disposition and lead to symptoms of disease. Ayurvedic remedies are truly holistic and include diet, lifestyle, yoga, meditation, massage, and therapies to eliminate impurities and restore health and vitality. Ayurvedic therapies are beneficial for:

  • Eliminating toxins and detoxifying the body
  • Replenishing body tissues with nourishment
  • Softening and strengthening the muscles, nerves and bones
  • Giving lustrous skin
  • Revitalising the sense organs
  • Promoting tranquillity of mind
  • Increasing physical and mental capabilities
  • Increasing immunity and resistance to disease
  • Preserving health and longevity

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