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The mother of natural healing
Ayurveda is thought by many scholars to be the oldest healing system on earth. This rich, intricate system of healing developed thousands of years ago in the Indus Valley region of Northern India and has had considerable influence over Chinese, Tibetan, Greek, Persian medicine and many others.

Ayurvedic massage styles reflect the source of these original discoveries. They consist of Vital Point therapy, Marma Therapy, an ancient form of acupressure; Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, old-style massage with yoga-style stretches and deep massage similar to Thai Massage; Chavutti Thirmal, rope massage, an ancient form of martial art massage with long, sweeping movements applied by the therapists feet; Kizhi Massage, deeply therapeutic herbal treatment with heated boluses containing herbs and powders; and many baths, massages, and techniques practised with medicinal herbal oils, spices, decoctions, powders and steam.

True to the source of the ancient discoveries of meridians, nadis, vital points, chakras, herbs, and massage, the Ayurvedic massages are extremely powerful and deeply therapeutic. Developed over thousands of years, Ayurvedic massages encompass an incredibly diverse range of techniques, natural herbs and knowledge.

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