Helpful Tips

Should I eat before massage or therapy?
Leave at least half an hour before eating and taking massage therapy. Massage stimulates the digestive system, and can actually aid digestion of food previously eaten. However, to make the most out of the detoxifying effects of massage, it’s ideal to come on an empty stomach. For many of the detoxification and purification therapies, an empty stomach is essential. Special requirements will be advised by the therapist on booking your massage or therapy.

Are there showering facilities?
Many of the ayurvedic massages and therapies use opulent amounts of medicinal herbal oil and powders. These massages are given when showering facilities are available to cleanse afterwards.

What should I wear to the massage and therapies?
You will leave feeling refreshed and often after therapeutic oil and steam treatments. Come in loose, comfortable clothing so your skin can breathe afterwards. For Shirodhara please bring a clip so you can tie your hair on your way home.

What should I wear during the massage?
You will wear underpants throughout the massage and remain covered with towels. As many of the applications involve medicinal herbal oils, choose comfortable underwear that is easily washable.

I have health problems, can I still have therapies?
Many health concerns can be improved through therapies. To determine the best approach, contact Amanda on 0782 333 6311.

Do I need to pre-book the therapies?
All massage and therapies must be booked in advance by calling Amanda 0782 333 6311. All ayurvedic therapies must be preceded by an ayurvedic consultation to ensure medicinal oils and treatment is selected to suit your individual constitution.

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