Retreat in the Country


Sunday 12 July 2015 (Glasgow)

Saturday 18 July 2015 (Peebles)

Need to revitalise?

One day out that will feel good!

Want instant energy? Enjoy a day of yoga, Ayurveda, detox, and guided meditation. Explore Ayurveda’s energetic principles, seasonal cleansing techniques and vitality herbs for late summer.

A day to refresh your system! 


Day at a Glance

10am: Yoga flow
Wake up with a gentle flowing yoga class designed to relax, massage, and stimulate your digestive system. Suitable for beginners and all abilities.

11:15am: Yoga breath work
Revitalise your Prana/or chi with a guided breath work session designed to rejuvenate your body’s cells and strengthen your digestive system.

11:45am: Refreshments 

12noon: Ayurveda in late summer
In mid-July we enter a critical time in Ayurveda. Find out why this season is so important and how it affects our body. Discover how you can use Ayurveda to improve your digestive system. Explore the ayurvedic recipes, herbs and home-cleanse best suited to your unique mind, body type, or dosha.

12:45noon: Lunch
Pre-order the Detox Lunch or bring a healthy, packed lunch.

1:30pm: Ayurveda and vitality
Eastern medical systems like Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, emphasize our subtle energy bodies. Discover Ayurveda’s blue-print on how to re-engineer your three vital essences: life force, radiance, and vitality. Experience these techniques and revitalise your whole being.

2:15pm: Nature walk or Restorative yoga
Take a nature walk by the rive, or move into stillness with a restorative yoga class. Experience deeper emotional relaxation, peace and calm through gentle movement. Suitable for beginners and all abilities.

3:15pm: Reflections
Enjoy space for reflection in this guided session that helps tap into your inner streams of creativity and inspiration.

3:45pm: Guided relaxation (yoga nidra)
Lie back and enjoy guided visualisations and deep relaxation. Deeply restorative.

4pm: Day Close
Leave feeling revitalised and refreshed with lots of ideas and inspiration to take home.

7 Reasons to Revitalise
– It helps your body to release accumulated toxins so you feel more vital
– Your body looks trimmer and lighter
– It makes your skin radiant and glowing
– You experience mental and emotional clarity
– It is a tonic for a weakened digestive system
– You feel energised and refreshed
– Your immunity is strengthened

Detox Lunch Menu
– Freshly made citrus ginger infused water
– Roast carrot and fennel soup
– Summer four grain salad with herbs
– Healthy sweet almond rice pudding

Price of the Detox Menu is an additional £6.50 and requires 24 hours notice. Alternatively, please feel free to bring your own packed lunch.

The Days Out will be facilitated by Amanda Reid . Amanda studied ayurveda under traditional Indian doctors (vaidyas) in the Himalayas, Karnataka, and Kerala for 3 years. Amanda is an Ayurvedic therapist, Yoga instructor and Fitness professional.

On the Day Out in Peebles, Seasonal Flow and Restorative yoga will be led by David Christie. DC is a counsellor and teaches Kundalini yoga, Kriya yoga and traditional Hatha yoga.

Sunday 12 July 2015 (Glasgow)


VENUE: West Glasgow

PRICE: £49 for day. Book by Monday 29th June for Early Bird rate of £39.

FOR BOOKINGS: Contact Amanda on 0782 333611, or request a call back here

Saturday 18 July 2015 (Peebles)


VENUE: Silvertree Studio, Pennels Close, High St, Peebles, EH45 8AG

PRICE: £49 for day. Book by Monday 6th July for Early Bird rate of £39.

FOR BOOKINGS: Contact Amanda on 0782 333611, or request a call back here


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